Why First Time Fix Rates Don't Reflect Customer Satisfaction

Go beyond traditional KPIs to elevate your service performance.

The way organizations provide service today is not in tune with customer expectations. Even for companies with an average FTF rate (75%, according to Aquant’s 2022 Service Intelligence Benchmark Report), one in every four jobs requires at least one repeat visit. Watch the on-demand webinar for best practices on how to understand and meet customer needs on their terms, not yours.

  • Reveal 2022 service performance benchmarks, based on more than 6 million work orders
  • Explore the opportunities and limitations of gauging your service organization’s effectiveness using average KPIs
  • Learn how Hologic’s transformation plan hinges on unlocking service insights that go beyond KPIs to understand the true cost of service and barriers to success
  • Explore strategies to empower your whole team (new hires and veterans) to deliver exceptional customer experiences with data-driven experiences

Watch the Webinar

Pierre Malboeuf-01

Pierre Malboeuf
Sr. National Director of Field Service, Hologic

Sidney-01 (1)

Sidney Lara
Service Principal, Aquant