Service Leaders Decode Data-Driven Decision Making

Exceptional customer service has become table stakes for service organizations, but delivering on that promise is a challenge.

The answers are all right there in the data, but deriving meaningful insights from graphs and spreadsheets is not easy. New technology, including easy-to-deploy AI tools, can quickly pinpoint the most important issues and offer service solutions specific to your business.

In the discussion, service experts Paul McDermott, Director of Service & Support, T2 Biosystems and Sidney Lara, Industry Principal, Aquant detail the art of data-driven decision-making (a blend of technology, people, and soft skills) as a way to deliver extraordinary customer experiences and create high-achieving service teams.

The session covers:

  • How to deploy digital tools to better curate & analyze data for an accurate service snapshot
  • Specifics on how data-based decision making has changed service delivery (for the better)
  • Advice on the benefit of soft skills as a way to evangelize service transformation projects and secure buy-in

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