The 2023 Field Service Benchmark Report

Economic uncertainty and rising costs are affecting every part of service. Here’s how to set your organization up for success.

It’s time to reevaluate the ways you measure success, focus on costs in your control, and invest in the right tools to deliver exceptional and data-driven CX.

Our findings show:

Service costs are up 7%. Economic uncertainty is still affecting all businesses – from higher service costs to increasing skills gaps and parts shortages.
Lower-performing techs cost their organizations as much as 67% more than top performers. The knowledge gap is still pricy. Investing in the right tools to manage your workforce’s performance will make a long-term difference to your business.
With the right insights, service orgs can make data-backed decisions that result in great ROI. Powerful data-driven intelligence can help your org in key areas, such as managing the workforce’s performance and being mindful of spending.

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