The 2024 Field Service Benchmark Report

Invaluable insights from over 24M work orders, 6.6M assets, and 582K technicians.


In the face of today’s biggest service challenges—from bridging the skills gap to mastering the AI wave—organizations must make a quick and significant impact on service delivery. 

According to Aquant’s 2024 Field Service Benchmark Report:


Low-performing teammates can cost over 80% more than their top-performing counterparts. 


If everyone had the knowledge and skills to perform like the top 20% of the workforce, service costs would be reduced by as much as 22%.


Your data is key to improving performance—we’ll show you how to get started.

More than just a collection of statistics — our report is a roadmap to service excellence.

With the right insights, tools, and benchmarks, you can boost your service performance to that of the top 20% of service organizations. Download the report to see detailed service trends, measure yourself against best-in-class organizations, and get actionable recommendations for improving your service delivery today.

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