The 2023 Medical Device Benchmark Report


Empower your medical device service organization with the right insights, tools, and plans to hit—and exceed—business goals.

Over 4.6 million work orders later, Aquant’s 2023 Medical Device Benchmark Report reveals that the medical device service sector is not exempt from serious service challenges despite increasing demand for service. 

To get ahead—and stay ahead—it’s time to invest in crucial technology initiatives, such as AI, to enhance knowledge, empower teams, and make strategic, data-backed decisions that will put your organization at the forefront. 

Our findings show:

Resolution Cost decreased by nearly 4%.

First Time Fix Rates increased by over 4.5% and Time Between Visits increased by almost 34% – credited to technology, self-service options, and remote tools.

Lower-performing technicians cost their organizations an average of 86% more than top performers. Investing in the right tools to manage workforce performance and get your team to perform like the top 20% of technicians can reduce your service costs by as much as 30%.

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