From Theory to Results: A Roadmap for Medical Device Service Transformation

The data is in! According to Aquant’s 2024 Medical Device Benchmark Report, no medical device service org needs to settle for subpar performance associated with high costs, supply chain issues, knowledge gaps, and beyond. 

Data, Generative AI, and Shift Left can streamline your service delivery, setting new standards for speed, efficiency, and accuracy in complex machinery maintenance and support.

Listen in for a chat with Deniz Mullis, Global Technical Operations Leader at Cytiva. Together, we discussed the report findings and understand: 

  • The high cost of inefficiency: Discover how low-performing team members cost you 96% more than you might realize.
  • Ways to unlock savings: Learn how mirroring the top 20% of your workforce and implementing the right AI tools and strategies could reduce service costs by 18%, minimize downtime, improve onboarding, and enhance user experience. 
  • How to turn AI skeptics into solid advocates: Explore how Cytiva thinks about the AI evaluation process, fosters internal buy-in, and cultivates a culture of innovation.
  • How to leverage your data: Your data isn't just numbers; it's a roadmap to excellence. We'll show you how to start today. 

Watch the Replay!

Deniz Mullis-01

Deniz Mullis
Global Technical Operations Leader, Cytiva

Sidney-01 (1)

Sidney Lara
Service Principal, Aquant