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The 2024 Industrial Machinery Benchmark Report

Staying ahead requires innovative solutions in today’s complex service landscape—characterized by scattered data, a rapidly retiring workforce, evolving customer demands, and soaring operational costs.


For top-performing industrial machinery orgs, this looks like utilizing the power of Generative AI, embracing data cleanliness, and more.

Findings from our 2024 Industrial Machinery Service Benchmark Report include:

Low-performing employees in the bottom 20% of companies can cost up to 128% more than top performers.
Empowering all team members with the skills and knowledge of the top 20% of the workforce could reduce service costs by as much as 28%.
Clean, complete data is your advantage —we’ll show you how to use it to pinpoint performance enhancement opportunities effectively.

Ready to stand alongside the best in the industrial machinery service business? Download our report now to learn the top strategies for achieving service excellence.

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