The Future of Service is Generative AI

The headlines are everywhere: generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, simplify work by taking on low-complexity tasks—freeing up the workforce to concentrate on more complex demands. 

But field service is unlike other businesses, where “close enough” AI-generated solutions are good enough. Complex machinery and the need to maximize uptime for end users means that anything less than the absolute best answer is bad for business, the customer, and the bottom line. 

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But what does this mean for field service leaders looking to make the right AI investment the first time around—and where do they even start?

Watch as Aquant and the Service Council take a deep dive into generative AI for service. We explore:

  • What Generative AI means for service leaders, how it drives improvement, and why it’s worth the hype
  • The criteria to keep in mind when evaluating AI technology for your business
  • How to get buy-in for AI tools that reduce service costs and end-user frustration 
  • How Service Co-Pilot, Aquant’s specialized AI, surfaces best practices and actionable solutions from traditional service data and hidden knowledge from workforce experts
  • Tips for training your AI solution so that all users can derive value — including service leaders seeking analytics, customers using self-service, call center agents providing phone support, and technicians attending to fixes in the field

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Tas Hirani

Tas Hirani
Director of Product Marketing, Aquant

John Carroll

John Carroll
CEO, Service Council