Future-Proofing Your Service with AI: Insights & Best Practices that Boost Delivery, Improve CX, and Drive Growth

In today’s dynamic market, adopting AI isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. However, knowing when and how to leverage AI for maximum impact can be challenging—especially when your organization wants to drive growth, streamline operations, and elevate customer experiences.

Access our exclusive webinar with industry leaders Jan van Veen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of moreMomentum, and Tim Burge, Director of Pre-Sales at Aquant. Together, we explored diverse AI strategies—and addressed your pressing questions about costs, customization, scalability, resource allocation, strategic alignment, stakeholder buy-in, and more.


  • Learning to navigate technology decisions in your org, especially when it comes to Building vs. Buying. 
  • Tailoring solutions to meet specific business needs and scale effectively.
  • Understanding and meeting the diverse expectations of senior leadership and operational teams.
  • Mastering the art of communicating the benefits and impacts of new technologies to stakeholders.
  • Managing resistance and addressing fears and misconceptions about change.
  • Understanding how innovations can drive growth, improve operational and commercial excellence, and differentiate customer experiences.

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Jan van Veen-01

Jan van Veen
Co-Founder & Managing Director, moreMomentum

Tim 1-01

Tim Burge
Director of Pre-Sales, Aquant