Whose Fault is it Anyway: User-Error vs. Defective Parts

How Fast Can You Solve This Service Challenge?

What’s the root cause of the problem: a defective part or simply human error?

Either way, an essential aspect of your service operation is that you have the right solution in place for your customer. With more efficient service predictability, you will be able to serve your customers better — and avoid unnecessary service jobs and technicians idling due to a lack of real-time information about customer statuses and escalations. So, by identifying the root cause of a problem and predicting it, you can optimize your service operations intelligently and efficiently.

Every service leader’s mind is on the ever-increasing expectations to deliver value at a lower cost. With so many ways to manage costs, how do you choose which areas of your business to prioritize? 

Join us as we:

  • Debate real-world common service scenarios, discuss how to solve service issues based on different levels of information and escalations, and compare outcomes.
  • Share tactical recommendations on how service leaders can gain clear answers to customer issues and rising customer expectations on customer service.
  • Discover how insights into asset performance can provide simple fix suggestions that customers can perform independently and minimize downtime — all while maintaining a high service level.

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Lisa-01 Copperberg

Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director, Copperberg

Sidney-01 (1)

Sidney Lara
Service Principal, Aquant