2024 Field Service Benchmarks:

How Best-in-Class Orgs are Upskilling Workers & Improving Service Outcomes

Join Aquant as we unveil our 2024 Field Service Benchmark Report findings—and see how your service organisation ranks compared to its peers!

After an analysis spanning over 24 million work orders, our report found:

  • A service organisation’s lowest-performing employees can cost 80% more than top-performing employees.
  • Aligning every team member's capabilities to match the top 20% of your workforce could reduce service costs by up to 22%.
  • Data and tools are pivotal in enhancing performance — and you can get started as quickly as today.

We'll guide you through the initial steps to leverage your data effectively.

Tune in to see how best-in-class companies use AI to improve the entire team’s performance—by combining service data with the knowledge from their highest-performing workers. We’ll also discuss how forward-thinking organisations use the Shift Left Method to reduce friction at every stage of the service cycle. 

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Tim Burge

Director, Aquant