Close the Skills Gap & Cut Service Costs: Unveiling Aquant’s 2024 Field Service Benchmark Report

Watch our on-demand webinar with Comfort Systems to explore the findings of Aquant’s latest report, which analyzes over 24 million work orders, 6.6 million assets, and the practices of 582,000 technicians. 

Together, we uncovered the urgent challenges of the service industry—from closing the skills gap to harnessing the power of data and AI—and ways to strengthen your organization’s service delivery. Our special guest, Joe Lang, VP of Service at Comfort Systems, shared his experience overcoming critical service challenges and explain why starting your organization’s data and AI journey is crucial. 

Key Findings from Aquant's 2024 Field Service Benchmark Report:

  • Teams with lower performance levels may incur costs up to 80% higher than their high-performing counterparts.
  • Aligning every team member's capabilities to match the top 20% of your workforce could reduce service costs by up to 22%.
  • The pivotal role of data in enhancing performance: We'll guide you through the initial steps to leverage your data effectively.

By harnessing the right insights, tools, and benchmarks, your service performance can reach the level of the top 20% of service organizations. 

Watch the Webinar

Joe Lang-01

Joe Lang
VP of Service, Comfort Systems, USA

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Sidney Lara
Service Principal, Aquant