Exploring How Beckman Coulter Shifted Towards Remote Service & Attained Quick Wins with AI


Did you know that 87% of service organizations are planning to have a remote support strategy in the future? That’s no surprise given the changing nature of customer expectations.

But if you're thinking of shifting your customer experience left, you don't have to do it all at once — and AI can help. 

Beckman Coulter, Service Council, and Aquant discuss using data and AI for quick service wins. We explore:

  • The importance of using data and AI to glean valuable insights about your org, figure out what should be tackled first, and attain buy-in on the entire process
  • How Beckman Coulter used Shift Left strategies to reduce dispatch and improve key metrics, including First Time Fix Rate and Visits Per Asset Per Year
  • The value of combating the Great Resignation through quick onboarding, mentorship, upskilling, and reskilling curriculums

We also uncover the power of Aquant CoPilot, which combines data with human intelligence to work seamlessly within your natural service workflow. (Best of all, it provides guidance throughout the process, much like having a skilled technician by your side!)

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Mike Rembelski
VP of Global Service, Beckman Coulter

Sidney-01 (1)

Sidney Lara
Service Principal, Aquant


John Carroll
CEO, Service Council