Are You Delivering on Customer Expectations?

Getting ahead of customer issues before they complain or before equipment breaks down is key for service organizations that repair or maintain food service equipment. 

But there are challenges. Low headcounts, concentrated surges in demand, and customers who cannot tolerate any unplanned downtime—especially this year—have put the squeeze on service teams. How can you deliver consistent outcomes using the resources you have?

The key is to make data-driven decisions that result in exceptional customer experiences while also improving business results such as lower service costs and higher revenues.

Watch the panel of service veterans as they detail their tips on:

  • Being fortune tellers — or managing customer risk before they voice complaints
  • AI technology enabling data-driven decisions that result in the right outcomes and exceptional experiences
  • Tools for manufacturers to gain insight into the service performance and parts usage of third party service providers
  • Ways third party service providers can get a 360-degree view of each customer’s needs, including equipment performance, to better develop plain maintenance packages

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